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Tenant Improvement

A new tenant usually wants a rental space customized to his or her specific needs. United Building Maintenance has been responsible for hundreds of Final Cleanings of spaces after they have been improved for new tenants. We have developed a procedure that has proven to exceed the tenants' expectations. We know that tenants want to move into a clean and problem-free space.

In the same way that we clean up after a Tenant Improvement, we also have performed many Clean and Shows. This is a procedure that returns a building space back to the basic layout after a tenant has moved out. We:

Tips for Success!

ESD floors need to be maintained regularly. They must be treated with a "maintainer" to hold their anti-static properties. A new ESD floor that has been waxed with ESD wax will not retain the antistatic properties without regular maintenance.

  • Clean the site during construction project (tenant in building)
  • Provide and replace lights
  • Wash light lenses
  • Wash light fixtures
  • Provide and replace stained or broken ceiling tiles
  • Clean ceiling tiles (wash tiles)
  • Clean ceiling grid
  • Clean AC diffusers
  • Paint and make small repairs to drywall
  • Wash windows in and out
  • Shampoo and extract carpets
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Strip, seal and wax floors
  • Prepare and maintain ESD floors
  • Provide high speed buffing of ESD floors
  • Remove and dispose of old VCT tiles (No asbestos)
  • Remove VCT glue
  • Remove cobwebs from warehouse skylights
  • Compound sweep warehouse cement floors
  • Strip and seal warehouse cement floors
  • Chemically remove glue or paint from cement floors
  • Remove tape and tape glue from warehouse cement floors
  • Remove trash or items left behind by old tenant

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