United Building Maintenance, LLC

Outside Building Services

United Building Maintenance can help the outside of your buildings stay clean and looking good. We wash windows, power wash sidewalks, remove parking lot trash and clean dumpster enclosures. We will haul away "midnight dumpings" and dumpster overflows.

We can help you maintain your building by cleaning the roof and checking the downspouts for blockage. This helps keep water from collecting on the roof and causing leaks. We can also check and exchange outside light bulbs.

  • Wash windows and remove cobwebs
  • Remove alkaline from window panels
  • Check and clean roofs and downspouts
  • Provide and install drain caps
  • Remove trash from parking lot and dumpster areas
  • Remove graffiti
  • Remove "midnight dumping"
  • Remove trash from outside landscaping
  • Power-wash outside structures
  • Paint almost anything

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