United Building Maintenance, LLC

During/Post Construction

United Building Maintenance has helped many construction companies clean-up after "less-than-meticulous" contractors.

When construction is underway while a tenant is in the building, UBM can help keep the premises as clean and comfortable as possible for the tenant, by cleaning the site on a daily basis. We have found that tenants greatly appreciate it when construction disarray gets taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

Tips for Success!

It is important to seal and wax new VCT floors for two reasons:

  1. VCT is porous and dirt will get into those pores of the tile. Once in the pores, dirt cannot be easily removed, making a brand new floor look old. Sealing and waxing protects the tiles from retaining dirt in the pores, and once sealed, dirt and grime can be removed much more easily from the surface of the wax than from the pores of the tile.

  2. During the move-in process, new VCT can be damaged beyond repair. Sealing and waxing protects the new tiles from some amount of damage. We have seen many new VCT floors damaged to the point of needing to be replaced.

UBM has also helped prepare newly-constructed spaces pass final approval for leasing companies and owners. We help with small punch-list items, like fixing doors, painting, adjusting light switch plates, etc. We also:

  • Clean after construction projects
  • Clean site during construction project
  • Remove and dispose of construction debris
  • TI project after construction is complete
  • Wash windows and remove construction film, glue, stucco, paint from panels
  • Seal and wax new VCT floors
  • Compound sweep warehouse cement floors
  • Strip and seal warehouse cement floors
  • Chemically remove glue or paint from cement floors

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